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I am Ann. Welcome to woolbyAnn, the colourful world of chunky knits. I am definately not a boring old-woman-type-way knitter but a total modern retro-cool-sexy-way chunky knitting enthusiast. 

I live in the heart of Europe, travel worldwide, prefer modern design and love mediterranean cuisine. I used to work as public relations manager for 15 years but I decided to quit and adjust my job to fit my life better. My second passion is photography. I love to take pictures of my products. Sometimes I act as a webmaster, translator, graphic designer, model, stylist, and make-up artist at once. Well… it is start-up phase:)! I can truly say that woolbyAnn is me from A to Z.

What I am trying to do is dispelling the old school myths about wool and knitting. Believe me: my wool does not itch! I do not accept acrylic and you will not find any synthetic fibres in my garments. All products are made out of carefully selected, high quality yarns: wool, alpaca and silk. Some yarns are spun non the traditional spinning wheel at my home.

All my products are proudly handmade by myself. I can cater to your personal preferences regarding size and colours but bear in mind that knitting is a slow process compared to machine knitting, so I usually need few days to complete one knitted piece.

I suport local initiatives and sustainable fashion movement. I believe handmade crafts have a touch of magic in them as no two are ever truly identical. I would be honored you comment on and follow my profiles on Instagram, Pinterest and/or Facebook to see unique pieces of my crafts. Some of them will be also available on www.etsy.com soon.


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